Unsurpassed Customer Service And Amazing CNC Control Repair Since 1988

Fanuc Servo Amplifier A06B-6122-H030

Take advantage of our “Actual Repair Evaluation” as well as the highest level of customer service from American Industrial. We offer personalized service and NO initial evaluation fees on any repair item. You’ll also get:

American Industrial’s Exclusive 24 Month Service Warranty
Full System Testing Capabilities For The Highest Standard Of Repair
In-House Pinpoint Diagnostics and Marposs Diagnostics
Personal Support Including Order status And Quotations at (800) 824-2234

High-quality Computer Numerical Control (CNC) repairs and you have absolutely NO obligation of any kind on your quotations, and NEVER any evaluation fees. Your unit is properly inspected and tested for all defects, and we guarantee all quoted pricing with extremely competitive rates for all:

ABRIO (Allen Brad. Remote I/O) RepairMDI Repair
Analog Module RepairOP Panel Repair
Amplifier RepairOperator Panel Repair
Axis Control Card RepairOutput Module Repair
Backplane RepairPC Board Repair
Base Unit RepairPower Supply Module Repair
CanBus Interface Module RepairPower Supply Repair
Communication Board RepairProcess I/O board
CRT RepairProfibus Interface Module Repair
DeviceNet Interface Module RepairProfibus Repair
Drive Unit RepairPSM Repair
Emergency Stop Control RepairPSMHV Repair
E-Stop Control RepairServo Amplifier Module Repair
Ethernet Interface Module RepairServo Amplifier Repair
Expansion Unit RepairServo Card Repair
Fan Unit RepairServo Controller Repair
Handy Machine Op Panel Servo Motor Repair
(TP) RepairServo Power Supply Repair
I/O Link RepairSpindle Amplifier Repair
I/O Module RepairSpindle Motor Repair
Inerbus RepairSpindle Power Supply Repair
Input Module RepairSPM Repair
Interface Module RepairSPMHV Repair
LCD RepairSVM Repair
LCD/MDI RepairSVMHV Repair
Main BoardSystem Board Repair
Main CPU Repair
Manual Pulse Generator Repair

At American Industrial You Get The Highest Standard Of CNC Control Repairs In 5 Business Days

You’ll love the outstanding customer service and fast quote times in just 5 business days! Since 1988 we’ve guaranteed the highest industry standards for CNC Control testing and repairs, as well as our legendary customer support from start to finish; including support from the actual technician that worked on your repair with unsurpassed customer service for:

CNC Control Repair And FANUC Control Repair
All FANUC Repair And CNC Parts Repair
CNC Repair And CNC Circuit Repairs
CNC Board Repair And All CNC Service
CNC Parts Repair Service‎ And CNC Control Upgrades

American Industrial offers you the added value of high quality rebuilds for the price of repair, and peace of mind from knowing your repair has passed our quality control process verified from our ISO 9001-2012 certification!

Get An “Actual Evaluation” On Your Equipment And Absolutely No Diagnostic Fees At (800) 824-2234

CNC Controls

CNC Controls
Robotic Controls

Robotic Controls
Drives & Motor Controllers

Drives/ Motor Controllers
Cognex Camera Repair

industrial terminals

Industrial Terminals
Light Curtains

Light Curtains / Safety Curtains
Marposs Gauges
Marposs Gauge Heads, Amplifiers
& Probes
Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards


Pinpoint Diagnostics: Circuit Board Test & Diagnostics / Repair
Whedco Repair

encoders, resolvers, & tachometers
Encoders/ Resolvers & Tachometers


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Medical Equipment Repair
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Vision Systems

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