Cognex Advanced Machine Vision & Industrial Barcode Readers Repair Service; Full System Test and Warranty

Cognex Camera Repair

American Industrial’s engineers have developed a proprietary repair process that allows us to quickly diagnose and repair your camera systems. Component failure, internal contamination and overheating problems are common in many camera systems. We have engineered solutions that keep these recurring problems from plaguing your manufacturing environment.

Our comprehensive System Tests include programmed steps that exceed temperatures that often trigger High Heat failures, particularly in the Micro Series Camera’s. Utilizing the In-Sight Explorer Software and Visionview system, your repaired Cognex Camera is tested for full functionality. 

You’ll love our “Actual Repair Evaluations” and the highest level of customer service on all your Industrial Electronic Repair needs. You will receive personalized service and NO initial evaluation fees on all repair items. Some of our other great benefits include:

 Full System Testing Capabilities for the Highest Standard of Repair
 Personal Support Including Order Status and Quotations at (800) 824-2234
Our No-Hassle 12-Month In-Service Repair Warranty

Get peace of mind from your Vision Control Systems by knowing that everything has passed our stringent quality control procedures from ISO 9001-2012 registered engineers and technicians who care about your business! Need spares? Contact us today to see how we can provide you with cost-effective, reliable and warrantied spare parts for inventory you can rely on!

Cognex Dataman Barcode Scanner Repair

Cognex VISIONVIEW Camera Repair
Cognex Micro Camera Repair

Cognex Insight 5000 Camera Repair

Call (800) 824-2234 today to learn more about our “Actual Evaluation” on Your Camera Systems with Absolutely No Evaluation Fees.


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