Ask us how we can cut your downtime and how we have saved many of our customers
between 40% and 50% of their electronic repair costs.

Here’s how we work

We have state-of-the art laboratories where we serve our customers with reliable
repairs at affordable prices. Our technicians are committed to quality reasonably
priced repair services – if they cannot give you a quality repair, we send it back to you.

Cost Effectiveness – Thorough Repairs, Upgrades and More!

By providing a thorough repair we afford your operations more up time and less downtime, less cycling of your repairable items and upgraded components where possible.
For example, we will replace old, worn capacitors with a higher grade capacitor in order
to double the repair life. We also provide free technical support (during warranty period),
faster turnaround time, a free actual evaluation and honest, quick responses which will
save you both time and money.

Free Evaluation – Actual evaluation

We actually tear down every unit. This evaluation process is free up to 4 hours per unit. We notify you immediately if there are no problems found with the unit or if it is unrepairable. This type of evaluation confirms your quoted price. AND no return goods authorizations are required which means less up front work for you.

Fast turnaround time – benchmark of the industry

Once you approve a repair quote, we can deliver that repair to you quickly, usually within
1 day to 7 days. We can do this because we spend time up front to diagnose your unit so
when we receive your approval to repair that item, we already know what parts are
necessary for the repair. In most cases it takes the customer longer to approve a repair
than it takes us to perform it. We are the industry benchmark in our ability to deliver promptly.

Warranty – factory or better – Lowest return rate in the industrial electronics industry

We warranty all our repairs. We have the lowest warranty return rate in the industrial electronics industry.

Our friendly customer service team has been chosen for their professionalism and their
ability to take care of all your repair service needs! Our service team knows how to
respond to your questions. We have many years of experience in taking care of our valued
customers. We’re looking for customers, not orders and we know that only honest
business relationships are lasting.

Repair Reports Validates warranty, provides an historical record
and allows free technical support.

We provide repair reports on every repair. This report validates our warranty policy
by noting exactly what parts we replaced, what problems were found and how we
repaired and tested your units. This also provides you with a historical record of
repairs on every unit. Additionally, we offer free technical support on items repaired
during their warranty period.

Emergency Service Available

Need an emergency delivery? We offer responsive 24 hour service depending on the
nature of the repair and parts availability. There is an additional charge for priority
handling on all items. A customer service representative is available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

For Emergency Service, dial (800) 824-2234, listen for the emergency service prompt.

Labels on all units – for your protection and documentation.

We label all units sent back to you. This protects you and provides
accurate, complete documentation and tracking of all the activity associated with
each unit we process for repair.

Every unit is Barcoded

Warranty Barcode Label
The warranty barcode label lists our warranty number. Every unit receives a unique number ensureing tracability of service work and warranty.
Calibration Label
This label verifies calibration of each unit requiring traceable calibration
Warranty Seal
The purpose of this seal is to deter any unauthorized tampering of a repaired unit thereby voiding your warranty. Also by its nature, it is designed to protect our vendor - customer relationship.
Defective Label/Scrap
"Defective Do Not Use" labels are placed on all returned units deemed un-repairable. We suggest you scrap these units at American Industrial at no charge
Returned Unrepaired Label
"Returned Unrepaired" labels are placed on all repairable units returned unrepaired at the
customer's request

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