InSite Electonics Repair Asset Managment

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Repairable Asset Management

Our approach to repairable asset management puts our software to work for you. InSite™ not only manages the repair process, inventory levels and usage, InSite™ puts “intelligence in Action” to eliminate unplanned downtime, support preventative and predictive maintenance schedules and reduce the occurrence of repetitive failures.

American Industrial InSite Program will be responsible for:

  • Providing on-site repairable asset coordinator.
  • Providing computer hardware and software for the site.
  • Bar-coding all repairable spare parts.
  • Managing all repairable inventories (electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, motors) coordinating all inflow (receiving) and outflow (shipping) of repairable spare parts.
  • Analyzing fill rates on repairable spare parts (right spare at the right time concept)
  • Providing a database that will record historical data for all repairable spares, warranties, costs, repair frequency and usage.
  • Providing root cause analysis driven towards the elimination of premature failure.
  • Warranty tracking and administration; ensuring that you receive all repair warranties, costs, repair frequency and usage.
  • Recommending when to repair a spare vs. purchase new.
  • Recommending when to exchange a spare vs. purchase new.
  • Recommending when to purchase refurbished spare vs. new spare.
  • Monitoring and following up on open orders (including expediting)
  • Interfacing and communicating with your personnel regarding spare parts issues.
  • Providing data to reduce costs associated with spare parts inventories through inventory reduction
  • Reducing “Hot” or emergency repairs.
  • Maintaining a single point of contact for all repairable assets.

Detroit Fanuc Robotics Repair

Part Tracking

Simple Input Approach for all repairable Commodities

  • Support efficiencies of customers current process.

  • Development of process to support data capture.
  • InSite

    Detroit Fanuc Repair

    Intelligent Reporting

  • Open architecture of data storage allows for limitless metric reporting capabilities

  • Intelligent reporting customized to plants specific needs (determined at VMS)

  • Data to drive ACTION Containment, root cause, countermeasures

  • InSite

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