Marposs Factory Trained And Factory Certified Repair Engineers And Technicians

Take advantage of the highest level of Marposs repair from a trusted leader in turnkey solutions since 1988. American Industrial is considered one of the nation’s leading Marposs repair facilities, and an innovator in refurbished Marposs components at or below the cost of repair. As a full-service Marposs repair facility, you’ll take advantage of our personalized customer service and unmatched workmanship that is second to none in North America.

You’ll also benefit from the industry’s finest repair warrantee, 24 Months Full-Service (on Marposs electronics); and our uncompromising commitment to the smooth operation of your facility. We’re also the only certified Marposs Factory repair facility in North America, and American Industrial is completely ISO 9001-2008 and ITAR compliant to meet all your needs with the highest level of efficiency.

The Nations Factory Authorized Marposs Repair Facility With Full Access To All Exact Manufactures Specifications

Of course this speaks volumes about our strong relationship with Marposs as well as a very high commitment to exceptional workmanship and customer service, and we are honored to be hand-selected by Marposs as their sole authorized repair facility for:

Marposs Amplifier RepairMarposs Micromar 500 Repair
Marposs Bore Gauge RepairMarposs Microthruvar Repair
Marposs Column RepairMarposs Mini “L” Repair
Marposs Flex Head RepairMarposs Minialsar Repair
Marposs Gauge Head RepairMarposs Minithruvar Repair
Marposs Monitor RepairMarposs Minithruvar 5 Repair
Certified Marposs RepairsMarposs Micromar 5 Repair
Marposs Probe RepairMarposs Passive Positionar Repair
Marposs Slide RepairMarposs Pneumatics Repair
Marposs A11 RepairMarposs Positionars Repair
Marposs A17 Gauging Cell RepairMarposs S-500 Repair
Marposs A710 RepairMarposs Slides Repair
Marposs A714 RepairMarposs TE Heads Repair
Marposs AB72 RepairMarposs Thruvar Repair
Marposs Alsar RepairMarposs Thruvar 5 Repair
Marposs Bore Plugs RepairMarposs Unimar Repair
Marposs Cable RepairMarposs Wemar Repair
Marposs Exar RepairMarposs Wemar 5 Repair
Marposs Fenar L RepairMarposs Wemars Repair
Marposs Finar RepairMarposs BlueBox Repair
Marposs Flex Head RepairMarposs E3u Repair
Marposs Floating Fork RepairMarposs E5 Repair
Marposs Hydraulics RepairMarposs E9 Repair
Marposs Idmar 500 RepairMarposs E18 Repair
M1 RepairMarposs E35 Repair
Marposs M10 RepairMarposs P5 Repair
Marposs M11 RepairMarposs E4 Repair
Marposs Micro LR RepairMarposs E4N Repair
Marposs Micromar 2 RepairMarposs All Monitors
Marposs Micromar 3 RepairMarposs Printed Circuit Board Repair

In addition, our close proximity to the Marposs North American headquarters enables both parties to maintain a highly effective dialog for better technical support and repair outcome such as:

High-Quality Marposs Rebuilds At Or Below The Price Of Repair
Personalized Customer Service That Is Second To None For Marposs Repairs
Full Access To All Marposs Manufacture’s Specifications For Better Repairs

Highly Dependable Marposs Repairs With An Industry Leading Full-Service
Repair Warranty

Marposs Certified Replacement Parts According To OEM Standards
Consistent Calibration With All Marposs Specifications For Greater Performance From Your Components
FREE Technical Assistance For Your Machine Operators And Quality Control People

Another advantage is our exclusive access to all Marposs specifications, and we use only Marposs certified replacement parts. This gives your repairs the highest standard of quality and guarantees you better performance. All tolerances are according the OEM’s strict standards and specifications. In addition, you receive American Industrial’s 120 day repair warranty available on all Marposs mechanical repairs along with our full 24 Month Service Warranty on the all-electronic repairs!

We are strategically located near the Marposs headquarters and have close access for emergency parts, technical information and one-on-one engineering solutions. American Industrial guarantees you the ultimate Marposs repair capability in addition to:

No Evaluation Fees And Incredibly Fast Turnaround Times
Exclusive Marposs Parts
Our Regular Testing Of All Marposs Repair Equipment For Perfect Calibration

A Detailed Repair Report Available On Our Website And In Real
Service Capabilities For Older Product Lines Of Marposs Equipment
Rush Service And Emergency Service Available That Crushes The Competition

With our RUSH service, you get same-day evaluations and in many cases 24 hour turnaround times on your repairs from American Industrial. We fully ISO certified for the highest standard of quality workmanship and Marposs repair, and your Marposs repair is performed by our factory trained technicians and engineers that have an average of 16 years experienced repairing Marposs components just like yours…

Over 22,000 High-Quality Marposs Repairs And Still Counting!


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