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Printed Circuit Board Repair

American Industrial has been providing quality electronic, circuit board and equipment repair for over 30 year! We can service most electronic items from Diagnostic equipment, Barcode scanners, Vision Systems, optical devices, circuitry from movable beds, Monitors and facilities items for HVAC equipment, building automation, and more!

Medical Barcode Readers and Scanners

✓ Cognex 

✓ Sick

✓ Datalogic

✓ Symbol

✓ Honeywell

✓ Keyence

Allen Bradley

Pinpoint Diagnostics

Electronic Diagnostics, Repairing
& Code Writing

American Industrial Inc. supplies highly skilled refurbishment for the maintenance and life-extension of your high-value electronic equipment. We Provide:

• Fast turn-around times
• Effective repairs by expert technicians and engineers
• Minimal data or documentation required
• OEM-independent solutions
• Support for most electronic circuits


Accurate fault discovery using advanced methods and state-of-the-art systems is supported with proven processes and knowledge of the market. This strategy ensures most electronic circuits can be supported:

• Fault diagnosis

• FREE Evaluations

• Comprehensive Service report with each repair

• In-service Warranty
• Fault repaired and/or component replaced with like component or direct equivalent
• Circuit tested for full confidence


Any digital circuit will degrade over time as components age, connectors wear and solder joints are subjected to the stresses of their operational environment. This degradation process can cause unreliable, intermittent and often repeated faults on the same circuit. By undertaking a pro-active analysis and reconditioning of the circuit, American Industrial Inc. can provide remarkable results and improvements in your circuit reliability. Our system identifies components that have been degraded with time or are at chance of becoming obsolete and they are then replaced with exact or direct replacements. Solder joints are re-worked and any worn connectors are replaced. This successfully ensures that the life of you electronic equipment is extended and the reliability improved.

• Identifying components that are degraded and replace
• Replacing compromised components
• Re-working solder joints
• Replacing worn connectors
• Testing the circuit for full quality assurance
• De-risk and extend product life

Obsolescence Management

The rate of change in electronics means that obsolescence has become a significant issue in today’s maintenance and support environments. American Industrial Inc. offers an obsolescence management service to cover electronic circuits and systems. The service will:

• Create an electronic Bill of Materials (BoM)
• Identify components that are:
• obsolete
• at risk of becoming obsolete
• Source equivalent components or re-engineer a solution when alternatives are not available
• Test the circuit

Market Knowledge

American Industrial Inc. provides support , repair, and maintenance of high value electronic circuits working in the Medical, Defense, Aerospace, and Mass Transit market sectors. Extensive experience working with major customers and organizations in these markets has given American Industrial Inc. an unparalleled understanding of the needs and demands of these customers. Their needs are critical, and so are yours:

• Fast turn-around-times for refurbishments
• Reduced stock-levels
• Extending working life
• Extended Warranty (de-risk) investment.
• Repair of most circuits even if no information is available
• Efficient and effective timely service
• Obsolescence management
• OEM independence
• Skilled and knowledgeable expert staff
• State-of-the-art capabilities
• Reliable provider

CNC Controls

CNC Controls
Robotic Controls

Robotic Controls
Drives & Motor Controllers

Drives/ Motor Controllers
Cognex Camera Repair

industrial terminals

Industrial Terminals
Light Curtains

Light Curtains / Safety Curtains
Marposs Gauges
Marposs Gauge Heads, Amplifiers
& Probes
Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards


Pinpoint Diagnostics: Circuit Board Test & Diagnostics / Repair
Whedco Repair

encoders, resolvers, & tachometers
Encoders/ Resolvers & Tachometers


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Medical Equipment Repair
Medical Equipment Repair
Vision Systems

Vision Systems

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