Historical Data Collection

O.A.S.I.S. reports to you a wide variety of historical data. The
use of this information will be instrumental in reducing your
downtime and significantly increasing your uptime. It provides you

  • On-line repair reports with a special program designed to assist you
    in diagnosing failure trends of all kinds.
  • Top-ten reports both by item types and part numbers.
  • Top-ten reports on warranty items.

Customized Reporting

Our O.A.S.I.S. program produces a wide variety of integrated
reports. Our system is flexible and allows us to accommodate a broad
range of customized reports designed especially for you. Just let us
know what your needs are, and we will accommodate you wherever

Centralized Control

We will assign an account manager. By utilizing an account
manager, you will increase your efficiency. Your account manager
will be responsible for all repairable items passing through our

Enhanced Communication

By utilizing an account manager you now introduce a crucial,
central point to the repair process. You now have only one person to
contact for all related information. This value-added service will
speed up response time at every level.

Reduced Vendor Base/Costs

By having one company manage all your repairs, you will
streamline your operation. By reducing your vendor base, you will
become more efficient. American Industrial is capable of repairing a
wide range of industrial items, either in-house or through one of
our outsource partners. We align ourselves with only the best
vendors who have time-tested track records, which will reduce your
downtime caused by faulty repairs.

Program Options

There are two flexible programs to choose from.
“AI” off-site and “Customer” off-site.
This enables you to choose the program(s) that best fits your

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