Save On Capital Expenders With Reliable PLC Controller Repairs To Keep Your Legacy Equipment Running Strong

American Industrial’s team of highly-experienced engineers and repair technicians replace all necessary components identified through our stringent testing procedure; and backed by our many years of experience and knowhow. You’ll take advantage of tested and proven PLC diagnostic equipment that’s specifically designed to repair and optimize all PLC controls including PLC processors (CPU), PLC power supplies, PLC communication modules, and PLC input-output (I/O) modules under factory working conditions. This stringent testing process guarantees you optimum efficiency and longevity after your repair is returned to the factory.

We also have an inventory of high-quality reconditioned PLC and I/O components from leading manufacturers like Allen Bradley, General Electric, GE, Honeywell, Modicon, Omron and many many more. Our trusted PLC rebuilds offer you amazingly quick and easy solutions at or below fair market value and come with our full service warranty. American Industrial has been a trusted name since 1988 for PLC repairs and I/O module repairs, and we offer you a full 24 month service warranty on all PLC repairs and quality rebuilds. You’ll love our “Actual Repair Evaluations” as well as the highest level of customer service for industrial electronic repairs. We also offer you customized service and NO initial evaluation fees on all PLC repair items, plus the added value of:

American Industrial’s Unique 24 Month Service Warranty
Full System Testing Capabilities For The Highest Standard Of Repair
Our In-House Pinpoint Diagnostics and Marposs Diagnostics
Personal Support Including Order Status And Quotations At (800) 824-2234

Get super high-quality PLC controller repairs, and you never have any obligation of any quotations we provide plus NO evaluation fees! Your PLC repair unit is properly inspected and tested for all defects, and we guarantee all quoted pricing with extremely completive rates for:

PLC RepairPLC 5/12 Processor Module Repair
PLC Module RepairPLC 5/12 Processor Module Repair
PLC Processor RepairPLC 5/15 Processor Module Repair
PLC Power Supply RepairPLC 5/20 Processor Module Repair
PLC Processor Module RepairPLC 5/20 Processor Module Repair
PLC CPU RepairPLC 5/25 Processor Module Repair
PLC I/O Module RepairPLC 5/30 Processor Module Repair
PLC Circuit Board RepairPLC 5/40 Processor Module Repair
PLC Communication Module RepairPLC 5/40 Processor Module Repair
PLC Devicenet RepairPLC 5/40 Processor Module Repair
Encoder Module RepairPLC 5/46 Processor Module Repair
I/O Scanner RepairPLC 5/60 Processor Module Repair
Micro 190 PLC RepairPLC Analog I/O Repair
Micro Plc Analog I/O Unit RepairPLC Analog Input Repair
Mini PLC Power Supply RepairPLC Analog Output Repair
Mini PLC Processor RepairPLC Base Unit Repair
Mini PLC RepairPLC Board Repair
Modicon PLC RepairPLC Circuit Board Repair
P4 Micro-Control RepairPLC Communication Module Repair
Peripheral Communication RepairPLC Controller Repair
PLC 2 I/O Adap Module RepairPLC CPU Repair
PLC 2 Keyboard RepairPLC Digital I/O Repair
PLC 2 Memory RepairPLC Digital Input Repair
PLC 2 Memory Segment RepairPLC Digital Output Repair
PlC 2 Mini Processor RepairPLC Encoder Repair
PLC 2 Power Supply 24V RepairPLC Input Module Repair
PLC 2 Power Supply RepairPLC Interface Board Repair
PLC 2 Processor Module RepairPLC Interface Repair
PLC 2/20 Processor RepairPLC Module Repair
PLC 2/30 Processor Module RepairPLC Output Module Repair
PLC 2/30 Processor Module RepairPLC Output Relay Repair
PLC 2/30 RepairPLC Power Supply Repair
PLC 3 Expansion Chassis RepairPLC Processor Module Repair
PLC 3 Keyboard RepairPLC Processor Repair
PLC 3 Power Supply RepairPLC Rack Repair
PLC 3 Rack RepairPLC Serial I/O Repair
PLC 3/10 Scanner Module RepairPLC Serial Input Repair
PLC 3/1032 Memory Module RepairPLC Serial Output Repair
PLC 5 Ethernet Interface Module RepairPLC Series Controller Repair
PLC 5 Ethernet Internet Module RepairSeries Six PLC Repair
PLC 5 Vme RepairSimatic S7-300 Module Repair
PLC 5/10 Processor Module Repair

PLC Controller Repair Plus The Option For Exchange, Refurbishment Or Surplus Units With A 24 Month Full Service Warranty!

As always, you’ll love American Industrial’s outstanding customer service and fast, reliable quote times in just 5 business days or less. Since 1988 we’ve guaranteed customers just like you the highest industry standard for PLC controller testing and repair. This always includes our personal customer support from the same technician that worked on your specific repair, so call (800) 824-2234 today for the highest industry standard of:

Allen Bradley PLC Repair, General Electric PLC Repair
GE PLC Repair, Honeywell PLC Repair
Modicon PLC Repair, Omron PLC Repair
Siemens PLC Repair, Square D PLC Repair
Texas Instruments PLC Repair, Westinghouse PLC Repair
Fanuc PLC Repair And Many Other PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Repairs

In addition, American Industrial always offers you the added value of high quality rebuilds for the price of repair, and the peace of mind from knowing all your PLC repairs have passed our strict quality control process by an ISO 9001-2008 certified PLC repair engineer or technician.

Better Repairs From A Broad Range Of Proven PLC Testing Systems That Guarantees You Higher Quality!

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Robotic Controls
Drives & Motor Controllers

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Marposs Gauges
Marposs Gauge Heads, Amplifiers
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Printed Circuit Boards


Pinpoint Diagnostics: Circuit Board Test & Diagnostics / Repair
Whedco Repair

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Encoders/ Resolvers & Tachometers


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Medical Equipment Repair
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